Gåtur i Roma

As you will immediately note during your stay in Rome, the landscape of the city is punctuated by a never-ending series of picturesque squares and monuments that are meeting places for the Romans and the perfect place for travellers to pause as they make their way across the centre of Rome.

With this 3 hour walking tour you will see the most famous sites of the city. In a single morning you will move in centuries and discover top attractions of Rome. This itinerary begins at Campo dei Fiori, certainly one of the most characteristic squares in Rome with its open-air market and the statue of Giordano Bruno in the centre.

Next to Campo dei Fiori we will admire the magical charm of Piazza Farnese, which takes its name from the imposing Palazzo Farnese facing the square. The building is now the site of the French Embassy. A few steps from Palazzo Farnese stands Palazzo Spada. The building is worth a stop thanks to the brilliance of forced prospective introduced by the famous architect Borromini. The arcade courtyard is an optical illusion, in which diminishing rows of columns and a rising floor create the illusion of a gallery 37 meters long (it is 8 meters).
Proceed then to Piazza Navona, one of the most famous squares in the world. Its original shape repeats with extreme faithfulness the perimeter of the ancient stadium of Domitian built in 89 A.D. for athletic competitions. The symbol of the square is the Fountains of Four Rivers, designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini and competing with Borrominis famed church S.Agnese in Agone.
In a ten minute walk we reach Piazza della Rotonda housing the unmistakable structure of the Pantheon (inside visit). The Pantheon, a building of ancient Rome, has been well preserved and is a true masterpiece of architecture. Once inside, our expert guide will be glad to give a short explanation explaining the history and the architectural secrets of the building. In the centre of the square there is a fountain with a mist linear plan designed by Giacomo della Porta. From Piazza della Rotonda the distance is short to Piazza Colonna, thus named after the 2nd century marble column celebrating the victories of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius over the Germanic populations.
At present the square is the centre of the Italian political life, which gravitates around Palazzo Chigi, the seat of the Prime Minister. We then cross Via del Corso and in just 5 minutes we are at the Trevi Fountain, a true masterpiece and certainly the most famous and spectacular fountain in Rome.

The last stop of our itinerary will be Piazza di Spagna, (Spanish Steps). Extremely original in shape, with a narrowing at the centre which divides it in two parts, it has always been the meeting place for travellers coming from all over the world. In the centre of the square you will admire the Fontana della Barcaccia made by Pietro Bernini (father of the more famous Gian Lorenzo). This area is surely a paradise for the fashion conscious shopper and you will find the most important and famous names of the Italian style. The walking tour ends here. After the tour you can keep walking on your own along the nice shopping area of Via Condotti, or you can just have fun and relax in the numerous shops and cafes in the area.