Art & History – Gåtur i Roma

If this is your first time in Rome, then you cannot miss this superb walking tour. While the city is breathtaking on its own, our professional guides bring an added dimension to the city, delving deep to breathe life into a city with a history like no other. The itinerary starts with a visit of the Roman Catholic titular church and the minor basilica of Saint Peter in Chains, best known for being the home of the world famous Statue of Moses by Michelangelo.
Crossing the Imperial Avenue we will see the Trajan Column, a Roman triumphal column which commemorates Roman emperor Trajanâs victory in the Dacian wars. We continue to Piazza Venezia with the imposing Vittoriano, a monument built to honour Victor Emanuel, the first king of a united Italy. After this stop we will walk up to arrive in Piazza del Campidoglio, another very famous sign of the Eternal City. Situated on Capitol Hill, it has always been the privileged seat of divinity and power. Providing the perfect overview of the Roman Forum, the whole square is a tribute to the art and architecture of Michelangelo. He designed the lovely star-shaped pavement pattern, the fasade of the Palazzo Senatorio and the other two palaces embracing the square. We will then walk down Via del Campidoglio to Via San Teodoro to have a view of the Roman Forum as well as the whole complex of the Forum & Coliseum. A stop here for an unforgettable picture is a real must. The itinerary is close to the end, but there’s still time for few more interesting points of Rome. One of these that we’ll pass in front of is the beautiful Arch of Janus and then the Church of San Giorgio al Velabro where, according to tradition, the basket with the twins Romulus and Remus was found. We then arrive at the church of S. Maria in Cosmedin, famous throughout the world for its portico housing the well known Bocca della Verita . It is a large stone disk depicting the face of a faun or river god with its mouth open. According to the legend the stone was used to judge peoples honesty. Just in front of this church we are in the zone of the Forum Boario, the site in ancient times of the cattle and beef market. The walking tour ends here. Afterwards you can continue the visit on your own to Circus Maximum and the Aventino Hill, or you can just cross the Tiber River to have a fun and relaxing walk in the Trastevere district.


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